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Category: Outdoor

June 7, 2020 by Ben Wainman 0 Comments

Outdoor Living

As we enter into the summer months, and although the British weather is a little unpredictable (understatement), we Brits love being outdoors.

Over the past couple of years ‘outdoor living’ has become more and more popular, the benefits and enjoyment of the outdoors, the fresh air, the feel-good factor and the extra space our outdoor areas can provide have been realised. 

No longer are our homes and gardens separate entities but we have started to link them together, making our outdoor spaces work harder to create stylish, comfortable and practical areas for us to enjoy.

Whether you have a large or small space, replicating and taking our interiors ‘outside’ needs the same consideration as your ‘indoor’ areas.   There’s a lot to consider when planning your outdoor space, the shape and size, direction of the garden, existing features, and landscaping.  However, with the help and assistance of today’s available resources, landscape and garden designers and an amazing range of outdoor products, the possibilities are endless.

Indoors Out

To completely encompass and connect spaces use large windows and bi-folding doors to open and extend your space. Consider running your flooring through, this will create a seamless transition of your spaces.  Also choosing a similar colour palette, materials and textures from your home is another way of making the outdoor space integral.  These elements of design will also work in the opposite, bringing the outdoors in, providing natural light and wonderful views.

Designated Areas

When planning your outdoor space you need to take into account how it will be used, the shape and size, the outlook, the connection to the house, the environmental conditions also play an important part in determining the location and design. 

Also, determine your style at the beginning of the project when designing your area; it will help you select the right materials, plants and landscaping.  When defining the area consider the flooring, planting, screens, walling, decking, steps or overhead covering.  You might even want to enclose the area or build cupboards and storage, particularly if you are creating an outdoor kitchen.   

Light and Heat

Practicality such as lighting and heating is another thing to consider when designing your outdoor area, as you may want to install gas, electricity or even water – particularly for outdoor kitchens and water features.

As the evenings draw in you need to make sure your areas are perfect for night-time alfresco soirees, and so light and heat are essential, especially in our climate.

Illuminating your garden will not only help avoid trips and falls but will also create a visually striking space.  When designing the lighting, bear in mind your primary objectives: keeping safe by lighting pathways, steps, decks, illuminating your garden to cleverly accentuate features (hardscapes, trees, bushes, water features), and finally creating the right ambience in your outdoor area.

There are a myriad of products to choose from when it comes to heating.  Outdoor heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, fuel types, different methods of spreading the heat, the choice of portable, tabletop, built-in or suspended heaters, or you may prefer to create an intimate feel of a fire pit.


Your outdoor living space should echo everything you love about your home, but outdoors. Chose the right furniture ensuring it is stylish and comfortable, but that it also fits the space.  Outdoor furniture and textiles have come a long way over the years and there are various stylish weatherproof options available. Make the space inviting using accessories such as waterproof rugs, cushions, throws, storm lanterns; wireless lamps will all make the area cosy and comfortable area. 

If you are looking to install an outdoor kitchen that’s another trend and another blog, as there are plenty of options to choose from, and they can be as luxurious or as modest as you want. 

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