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Outdoor Home Hacks

We’ve all gone bonkers for outdoor living (I think that might have been something to do with last Summer). Anyhow, it’s here to stay, and it’s great to see that it’s opened people’s eyes to the endless possibilities of what can be achieved outdoors and how wonderful and charming your outdoor space can become.

Anyone can create an outdoor area, perfect for summer soirees or cosy winter nights, no matter what your budget. There are some fantastic brands around that offer stylish and sophisticated outdoor items, from budget to luxury. But I’ve loved seeing the creativity of the population and some of the DIY efforts of the nation.

If you are feeling creative and want to put a little effort in, here are my top four hacks to creating a great area on a budget:

Lighting without having to wire
Light and ambience on an evening is key to creating a dreamy, cosy area. Using basic materials like a plank of wood, a tree branch, food storage jars, chains or rope and a handful of pillar candles can go a long way, and hey presto you have an outdoor chandelier. Take a look these fabulous inspos:

Keep toasty
We know we can’t rely on the British weather, our summer days may bring the summer sun, but the evening temperatures can most certainly plummet. So to keep the party going into the cooler summer evenings, think outside the box, visit a second-hand market and be sure to keep your eye out for any large iron pots, or planters and with a bit of TLC, a sturdy and safe surface you have an instant fire. Another great find on eBay is the ‘washing drum’ fire pit. Trust me, these are great.

Go vintage.
There’s something so effortlessly cool about ‘vintage’. Not only does it look great but it’s also a fantastic way to upcycle and be sustainable. Go for a rough, weathered, or natural look or spruce an item up with a bit of shabby chic pain. Either way, make sure you treat your furniture. It may be vintage, but you don’t want it rotting in the outdoor elements.

Go Green on your patio.
Planters are great for adding texture, colour, and warmth to an area, and best of all, you can pretty much make a planter out of anything waterproof, bearing in mind the size of your plants, positioning, and the style you want to achieve. Hanging plants, table plants, floor plants your options are endless, here’s few we like:

If you’ve created something magical in your garden or balcony, we’d love you to inspire and share with others and dont’ forget to tag us @tutti_interiors #tuttiinteriors