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March 27, 2021 by Ben Wainman 0 Comments

Create a sense of harmony in your home with Japandi

Japandi is one of 2021 biggest interior trends. It’s a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian design and perfectly brings common aesthetics of minimalism and simplicity together. 

The common attributes of Japandi are to create a minimal, calming and uncluttered space without being cold.  It combines the philosophy, attitude, and designs of both cultures. It uses a neutral muted colour palette, minimal styling, clean lines, and nature to achieve a functional, elegant and serene interior. 

We look at how to achieve Japandi style in your home.

  1. Clear your space of clutter and have free-flowing floor space, with no interruptions.
  2. Use natural and neutral colours to create a feeling of space, light, and calm.  Other colours to consider in the colour palette are whites, neutrals, pearl grey, sky blue, and natural tones like green, browns, blue, and other earth tones.  A hint of black can also be used (inspired by the Japanese style).
  3. A shared love of Japanese and Scandinavia design is the beauty of nature and texture. Embrace natural materials like wood, paper, bamboo, linen, and leafy plants. These add a layer of warmth, texture and an element of ‘wabi-sabi’. Other materials like polished concrete and marble can also be used in contrast.
  4. Choose furniture that is functional and made of high-quality, natural materials with clean, minimalist lines. Statement pieces that contrast against a room’s backdrop, furniture lower to the ground and low slung chairs follow the Japanese philosophy of cohesion between humans and the earth.
  5. Mix light and dark shades of wood together. Scandi is big on light wood tones, while Japanese designs use darker shades of wood.
  6. Minimise the number of accessories you have, and keep them simple by selecting soft, smooth lines, soft shapes, natural handmade ceramics, and glass.